Multipette® M4

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The Multipette M4 is ideal for long pipetting or dispensing series. It is also the tool of choice when working with liquids that possess demanding physical properties like high viscosity, density or volatility. With the Multipette/Combitip system, volumes are dispensed using the positive displacement principle. The liquid is directly dispensed without an air-cushion, ensuring highest precision regardless of the physical properties of the liquid.


  • Automatic Combitip advanced recognition eliminates time-consuming volume calculations
  • Dispensing up to 100 times without re lling the Combitip
  • Wide dispensing range: 1 μL to 10 mL
  • Stress-free work via integrated step counter: 
Dispensing procedures can be continued 
error-free after an interruption or distraction
  • Fully emptied Combitip can be easily ejected 
with one hand using the operating lever
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